The current name of the company, Echevarría Petit & Asociados is the professional association under which, his major partner, Accountant Jorge Echevarría Petit, still carries out the activity started in 1950 under the name “Chiarino & Ratti”.

Since the middle 70s until the 80s, the company was a member of Ernst & Winney, after having successfully achieved the training and control procedures carried out both in Argentina and in Mexico. As a consequence of the merger of Ernst & Winney with another international company, the partners decided to stay independent, establishing a partnership with AI International, an association that is nowadays a member of PrimeGlobal after several mergers.

The partners are members of the Uruguayan Association of Accountants, Economists and Administrators and of the Uruguayan Institute of Tax Studies, as well as the Interamerican Accounting Association, where they keep an active participation.

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